Ward & Co - established 1995John Dorrington Ward

John Dorrington Ward

After training and private practice as a Chartered Building Surveyor, he was awarded the SPAB Lethaby Scholarship in 1988 and has been involved in the conservation and repair of old buildings ever since.

Technical Secretary in London for the SPAB in 1989, he moved to York in 1991 to join the staff of the University of York IOAAS Building Conservation Studies course and to set up the SPAB Northern Office. He subsequently created his own second “scholarship” as a journeyman working on conservation sites around the UK before joining Alan Baxter and Associates, Consulting Engineers, in London. He set up Ward & Co in 1995.

A founder member of the Building Limes Forum, John Dorrington Ward was Hon. Secretary and Editor of its journal Lime News. He has contributed to the work of various committees including the RICS Building Conservation Committee and is consultant to the Gloucester Diocesan Advisory Committee.

John Dorrington Ward
T 01453 791725


• BSc Building Surveying

• SPAB Lethaby Scholar

• CSCS Card Holder

• Contracts Manager


• Surveying

• Carpentry

• Lime plastering

• Plaster conservation

• 360 plant operator

• AutoCAD operator

• Touch typist