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Goodrich CastleGoodrich CastleGoodrich Castle

Project summary

• Extensive masonry repair

• Replacement of arch capital stone

• Designing temporary supports

• Autocad templating

• In-situ stone carving

Goodrich Castle, Herefordshire: a superb 11th century castle

This is an important English Heritage site and a scheduled ancient monument where works to the solar arch involved a large amount of masonry repair including the replacement of the capital stone of the solar arch.

We were given the task of designing temporary support to hundreds of tonnes of masonry whilst ensuring the monument was at no time at risk from damage. The temporary support was duly constructed and the capital stone removed and replaced by our masons to the Architect’s design that acknowledged the original mouldings of the capital stone could not be faithfully replicated for lack of evidence.

Almost as soon as the capital stone had been replaced new evidence was found by the English Heritage Inspector of Works and Archaeologists meaning that a full restoration of the capital could be carried out with the consequent improvement in the presentation of the monument to the public.

Unfortunately the replacement capital stone, as designed, was too small to carry the new mouldings, so we had to find innovative solutions to ensure that the additional mouldings could be carved whilst maintaining the long term durability of the repair. This involved extensive use of Autocad in three dimensional plotting to create templates to allow the piecing in at high level of new stone carved on the bench and accurate in-situ carving of the new capital stone to complete the whole piece. It was a great technical challenge.