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Cirencester ChurchCirencester ChurchCirencester Church

Project summary

Floor removal and replacement

Interior stonework repairs

Structural carpentry & repairs

Design of hoarding

Cirencester Church

This is a project currently in progress. It is the largest Parish Church in Gloucestershire and of national importance situated in the middle of a busy market town. The Chamber of Commerce and shopkeepers were very nervous about the impact of a major building project to the Church and to ensure the Clients best interests were protected we led a series of meetings with shopkeepers so that they were informed and were able to influence the final design of the hoarding.

We brought in Highways at an early stage and (with full knowledge and approval of the Client), invited the Town Clerk, Town Councillors, Cotswold District Council representative and Gloucestershire County Council representatives to meetings to ensure that all parties views were represented.

The outcome of these talks was a designed hoarding, painted a light green with display boards explaining the works in the Church as well as some advertising space for the shopkeepers. To date no graffiti has been placed on the hoarding (a surprise to the local community) and shopkeepers have seen no dip in their sales.

Indeed, the most closely affected shop has seen an increase in sales as passersby dwell to look at the hoarding and its displays and are then minded to pop into the shop. Measures are taken to ensure dust is kept to a minimum and to control the movement of vehicles into and out of the site so that it has a minimum impact on the town.